Children’s Tylenol Proves to be Fatal

It is a terrible tragedy any time someone dies after ingesting a dangerous or defective drug. Medication is supposed to make us better, not make us sick or kill us. But the death of a 2-year-old boy who took a dangerous drug that his parents say was not recalled properly or fast enough may be sadder than most.

The little boy died of liver failure in July 2010 after he took Children’s Tylenol. The boy’s parents are now suing the maker of the drug, Johnson and Johnson, as well as McNeil Consumer Healthcare, Cotsco and other parties involved with the distribution of the medication because they say the parties engaged in a “phantom or stealth” recall of the drug, which they knew had the potential to harm people, rather than a publicly announced recall.

The parents allege Johnson and Johnson know Children’s Tylenol and other medications were being made in “deplorable conditions” that tainted the medicine and made it unfit to consumer. However, instead of alerting the general populace and recalling the medication publicly, Johnson and Johnson worked with its distributors to secretly pull the product from the shelves without drawing attention to what was happening, the parents say.

As such, people were not aware there could be problems with the medication and took it, which put their health at risk.

This story shows how dangerous drugs can get into the marketplace. We all rely on companies to make sure their products are safe, but sometimes that doesn’t happen and people get hurt. Michigan car accident lawyers are prepared to handle cases like these and many more.

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