We write frequently about the health and safety risks posed by consumer goods which do not function properly. When it becomes apparent that these goods are indeed either dangerous orĀ defective products, the American public opens web browsers and looks for an agency to lodge complaints with regarding what they have discovered.

The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) is the agency that handles these kinds of milwaukee workers’ compensation reports and subsequently insists on necessary recalls and public education on defective or dangerous consumer products. Each year, it releases a summary of the 10 most frequently reported consumer product complaint categories.

This year’s Top-10 list includes a myriad of products. Though the media tends to focus most heavily on defective or dangerous toys and automobile parts, consumers have reported that they had the most frequent trouble with other kinds of products since March of 2011.

Surprisingly, one-third of complaints were lodged in regards to appliances. In fact, of the top five product categories which received complaints, four were appliance types. These appliance types include microwave ovens, electric ovens/ranges, refrigerators and dishwashers. Rounding out the top five is defective footwear.

The other Top-10 categories include furniture and grills, cookware, indoor lighting, air conditioning units and laundry-related issues. Nursery equipment accounted for nearly 10 percent of complaints, while toys accounted for a little less than five percent. It is worth noting that automobile-related complaints are handled by a different agency.

The CPSC’s website receives more than 600 consumer complaints a month, on average. The Commission uses these complaints to look for patterns, a CPSC spokesperson recently noted. “Random complaints, taken together, help us piece together the puzzle. It enables us to act more quickly to get dangerous, defective products off the market.”

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