Energy Overview

The ongoing restructuring of the U.S. and international power industries and the development of new technologies to reduce the cost and improve the reliability of power supply have created a host of challenging issues, each requiring special legal services.

Our qualified TCPA Attorneys have been involved in all facets of the restructuring of the energy industry. We have worked on the development of policy and legislation affecting new market structures. We have developed utility tariffs to allow customers to choose alternative providers of power and energy and to unbundle various utility services. We have counseled utility personnel with regard to operational aspects of implementing open access. The firm has significant experience in representing clients in energy matters before applicable regulatory bodies.

We have litigated issues concerning the reasonableness of the rates and terms and conditions of utility tariffs related to open access, the unbundling of various utility services, and the development of regulatory rules to implement the restructuring of the electric energy industry. We have advised clients regarding wholesale power purchase agreements. We also have counseled end-user clients on competitive contracts and tariff rates for energy supply, including energy conservation rates.

In addition to our involvement in the industry restructuring, our attorneys have extensive experience in traditional regulatory issues affecting energy providers and customers.

The firm’s capabilities in this broad and evolving practice area also include extensive project development work for the siting and permitting of independent power projects, distributed resources, electric transmission lines, and interstate oil and natural gas pipelines. Our qualified has advised lenders on the financing of energy projects and the effect of applicable regulatory requirements. Firm attorneys are experienced in commercial litigation on behalf of energy providers and consumers.

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