Pileup Collision on I-75 Leads to Injuries, Major Traffic Headaches

An 18 car chain-reaction crash had serious consequences for motorists on I-75 on Monday afternoon. The pileup collision caused six accidents and injured 11 drivers and passengers involved in the multiple Monroe County car accidents.

According to reports from the Georgia State Patrol, the pileup was caused by one car accident that created chaos on the roadway. The multiple car crashes filled eight to 10 miles along I-75 near mile marker 185. Georgia State Patrol and the Forsyth police responded to the scene.

Surprisingly, no one has been killed in the chain-reaction collision as of Tuesday afternoon. Eleven people injured in the crash were transported to local hospitals including The Medical Center of Central Georgia and Mid Georgia Hospital. Numerous ambulances responded.

Traffic was also snarled for hours as law enforcement officers and rescue officials attempted to determine who required medical care. Police officers were also tasked with trying to understand the cause of the crashes. The car accidents are still under investigation at this time by JG Winter Brain Injury Attorneys.

Anytime a single car is involved in a multi-impact car crash, the injuries can be more severe. The initial impact can cause brain or fracture injuries and the second, third or fourth collisions can cause even more damage. A car accident attorney in Brookhaven, PA can assist after a Georgia car accident involving multiple vehicles.

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